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Name:Corporal Sella Rogers
Birthdate:Jul 4
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
Stella Rogers was once a weak, skinny girl from Brooklyn who wanted to serve her country. The best she could do was be a secretary, but Dr. Abraham Erskine sees something in Rogers and secretly uses her in his super soldier experiment instead of the soldiers the Army wanted. It's not Rogers physical attributes which make her the perfect candidate, but her heart. After everything, the Army still won’t take her and Rogers becomes part of a press tour and propaganda symbol. They call her Lady Liberty.

While on tour through Italy, Rogers learns her best friend had been captured and was presumed dead. With help from Howard Stark and Peggy Carter, Rogers flies behind enemy lines and rescues Barnes from a Hydra facility along with hundreds of other soldiers. Still, it’s Bucky that gets the credit and becomes Captain America. Rogers gives up her identity as Lady Liberty and her feminine look to become part of the Commandos, part of a specialized team that systematically takes down Hydra facilities. On one of these missions Rogers can only watch as Bucky falls to his death.

In an attack on the final Hydra stronghold, Rogers faces off with The Red Skull, a Nazi officer who survived an imperfect version of the super soldier procedure. She defeats Red Skull but to save her country Rogers crash lands the plane she's on in the arctic. She spends 70 years frozen in ice until SHIELD digs her out and revives her.

Now part of the Avengers Initiative Rogers struggles to figure out her place in the modern world and her place on the team that finally allows her to be a woman and fight like a man.

[Disclaimer: This is a roleplay journal of Rule 36!Stella Rogers. Most of the idea comes from Marvel who owns the character of Captain America. Rachael Taylor belongs to herself and is just the face I'm using. No copyright infringement intended. Muse and Mun are over 18.]
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